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The Opportunity

The Opportunity

The Trinity Affiliate Online Bible Institute Opportunity

1. You will the President of your own Online Bible Institute.

2. Your Bible Institute will be an Affiliate of Trinity College of the Bible and will share our 43 year history and reputation of academic excellence.

3. As the President you will determine the tuition cost to your students for the online courses available in your Bible Institute’s Resource Room.

4. Your personal income potential is unlimited. Your profit is the difference between what you charge for the courses and the $25.00 course fee paid to Trinity. As an example, only 40 students taking two courses in a month at $55.00 for each course will be $2,400.00 income/profit for the month.

5. All you do is introduce the courses and mark tests. Trinity does the rest.

6. Our Technical Department is responsible for technical issues.

8. Our Finance Department has the responsibility for your financial records.

9. Our Academic Department is responsible for the academic records.     

10. You will never be alone. You will be in partnership with Trinity and have all of our technical; marketing; and academic assets available to you.

11. You will be a member of the Affiliate Bible Institute Consortium for ideas   from the other Bible Institute Presidents.

12. Your Bible Institute will provide a safe haven of independence; income; and financial security for you and your family now and in the years ahead.

13. Your Institute will become part of your estate and can be transferred or passed on to a member of your family.

14. If you relocate to another state or country, your Institute moves with you.