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Expand Your Ministry

Expand Your Ministry

You can impact your church and community as the owner of an Online Bible Institute. You will be the leader in biblical education as people study the Word of God on their laptops, ipads, I-phones, Smart Phones, and Tablets anywhere and at any time. There is no time limit to complete a course. However, the more quickly a course is completed, the sooner the graduate will register for the next.

You determine the tuition fee for the courses. Your net income per course is the difference between your tuition fee and the Trinity course fee which is paid to Trinity for the courses your students paid you for during the prior month.

Each course has Multiple Choice questions for which you have the Answer Key.

Trinity will create for you either a 24 courses, or 34 courses, personalized   .pdf  brochure for your Institute which displays your Institute name, your name and title, course fee, and contact information, depending on the Online Bible Institute you choose. See the Financial Information page.

The Trinity Tech Department constructs either a 24 courses, or 34 courses, Online Bible Institute Classroom containing the audio lecture courses and Multiple Choice questions.

The Login page for your prospects and students is personalized with your Institute name without reference to Trinity. It is your Online Bible Institute.

You will receive the login information for yourself, your prospects and students. You will also receive either 24 or 34 unique course codes, depending on the Institute option you select, to give to students who register for the courses.

You will receive a Certificate template with your Institute name which you can print with the name of the graduate and the course that was completed. Your graduates will proudly display these to demonstrate their academic studies.

Your graduates who complete 16 courses can ask to be awarded the Associate degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity College of the Bible. This degree will qualify them to begin study for the B.A. in Biblical Studies. Their acceptance is based upon your recommendation. You may charge the student for the awarding of this degree. You will order the degree and include a $350.00 payment for it. The Trinity College of the Bible degree is awarded in absentia on the Trinity campus, signed by the President, and mailed to you in an attractive cover for presentation.


Institute ownership will provide you with weekly/monthly income and give you the opportunity to help hundreds of people, not only in your church and community, but around the world. Because all studies are online, you can have students in any location. 

Your students will be more effective Sunday School teachers and Christian workers. There is no other ministry or business opportunity equal to this. Owning an Institute is a life-changing business and ministry, with financial rewards now and eternal benefits in the future.

This Business Model is designed to provide ministry opportunity and income now and through your retirement years. Family members can easily manage the Institute, which requires merely emailing prospects, receiving the tuition fees, sending the course codes after tuition payments are received, grading the Multiple Choice course questions which requires less than five minutes, and sending the Trinity course fee for courses sold during the prior month. The course Certificates are easily printed using the provided personalized Certificate template.